My strength is change and development work in groups, companies and organizations

My drive is to get companies and employees using the right mind-set and tools to get the most out of the work that builds value for the both.

As companies and organizations try to keep up with the rapid development that is taking place today - it is easy to forget that the core of being adaptable lies in leadership and organizational structure.

"Changeability" is a consequence of having confidence and ability to adapt methods and tools according to needs at every stage of an organization. The unbeatable most effective companies today have removed the "Managers" and instead have frameworks and rules that aim to get where the company aims.


Our environment and development are too fast and too complex for it to be handled by only a few individuals within a company. It is "capital destruction". Most important is to not just take a framework and implement it without first understand your own context. New methods are of course not for all companies, but still a lot can be done if this are understood.

One of my previous assignment was to develop and implement a new organization for the management, and development of the care-related systems used at Capio St Göran's hospital. The organization now promotes collaboration between IT and the business, increases transparency, ensures quality and efficiency. The work is supported by Lean, Agile working methods (Scrum) and to some extent PM3's management model.

 I have a drive, love what I´m doing and have the ability to motivate people around me.

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