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Process Manager, Coach, Change and Development leader

My strength is change and development work in groups, companies and organizations

My drive is to guide organizations and its employees to implement a mind-set and tools to build value on all levels. Many companies and organizations of today are trying to keep up with the rapid development that is taking place – and it is easy to forget that the core of being adaptable lies in leadership and organizational structure. "Changeability" is a consequence of having confidence and ability to adapt methods and tools according to needs at every level of an organization.

My vast experience from many different roles and industries make me suitable for a large number of roles within product development, such as Project Manager, Change Manager and Agile Coach. I can also bring a lot of value to companies or organizations needing assistance to implement new methods/tools and ways of working as well as providing support in change management processes.

Work experience summary;

  • Several larger software product companies/ organizations where I had the roles as Project Manager, Agile Coach, Product Owner, Scrum Master and also Manager for the Product Owners at one of the companies.

  • In one of my roles I developed and implemented a new organization involving IT department, the business and the executive management based on agile methods. I also lead the new organization as it was implemented.

  • At one software company, one of my tasks as head of the Product Owners team was to develop and implement a new test strategy for all development team.

  • Mentor/ Coach for program management and other leadership roles.

I have a drive, love what I am doing and have the ability to motivate people around me.

Elisabet Jensen is a consultant in her own company Jensen Adaptive Change since 2019. She works with organizational and development management and holds treaties within the subject.


Trained intensive care nurse who has since 2005 further trained in project management, Agile development (Certified Product Owner and Scrum Master). Required knowledge in Lean and the later forms of organization such as Holacracy, DAD etc.

Change as a mindset

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